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Inked Fox Films is now offering video and photo boudoir shoots. I did my first one nearly 10 years ago and it was the most empowering moment of my entire life! I got to see myself in a way that I had never seen myself before - graceful and coy, fancy and beautiful! It was something I wanted to repeat every day!

What I want to do differently, is translate this to video. It was nice that I had photos, but there’s something about seeing yourself move and watching a hand drag across skin that paints a very different picture for its viewers. So come join me on December 2nd at a gorgeous barn loft in Salisbury, CT. You can pick a time slot anytime from 10am to 6pm. I’ll have all images and the video delivered before Christmas so you can print them or share them in whatever way you see fit.



1.) What is the cost?

The cost to attend is $175. This includes hair and makeup done by my most favorite professional hair and make up artist - Whitney Walker. Once you are done, you will get 90 minutes with me to shoot all the photo and video. This payment can be made by PayPal and must be paid in full to retain your spot.

2.) What’s included?

You will receive hair and makeup on site. You will receive a 1-2 minute video and 25-50 online images by 12/17/2018. These will be delivered in a private PixieSet gallery so no one can just go peeking in on them without your permission!

3.) What do i need to bring?

I recommend at least 3 outfits in each of these categories: your most comfortable sleep wear, your favorite bra and underwear set (even if they don’t match!), and something that makes you feel fiercely sexy. That could be a sports jersey, a cozy sweatshirt, a sexy top, or anything in between. I do not recommend bringing any dresses unless they are super flowy and you feel confident in them. Also - bring a sexy pair of shoes! (If this means sneakers to you, that is 100% fine!)

4.) What should i do to prepare?

I always recommend my client do any TYPICAL grooming for them. By that I mean - do not go out of your way to shave your legs just for me. If you like body hair, keep it. I have NO problem with it. This is meant to empower you - not make you feel like you have to impress someone, least of all me. If you aren’t sure about something - just ask.

Second, please come with clean hair. Do NOT come with wet hair or hair with a ton of product in it (unless you want to be shot with it that way). If you show up with wet hair, the time it takes to blow dry your hair will be subtracted from your shooting time.

5.) Should i practice poses? What do i do? I’m not a model!

Good! I’m not either! I like to do mirroring with my clients. Meaning I’ll come sit next to you, show you what I’m thinking, and you’ll just copycat it. If you have something in mind, I’m totally open. You know your body better than I do!

Also - I will not make you get into crazy poses or positions, and if you’re not comfortable - we’ll do something else. This is zero pressure!

6.) Will I have to be/get nude?

No. You can wear as little or as much as you are comfortable with. You can look sexy with a sweatshirt draped ever so slightly off your shoulder. You can look sexy as hell in a black pencil dress, sky high heels, and a come hither look on your face over your shoulder. You can be wearing yoga pants and a stained t-shirt, but your expression is what will convey it all. Yes, skin is the easy route to sexy, but it is by no means a requirement.

7.) Crap! I have to reschedule/cancel. What do I do?

Things happen! If you need to reschedule with more than 7 days notice, I will hold your session fee for a future date. If you forget about your appointment or you reschedule less than 7 days prior, your session fee will be forfeited. When you sign the contract, I’m blocking that day and paying a makeup and hair artist to block their calendar. I’m also turning away people interested in shooting that day. I know things come up, so I will do my best to make exceptions, but this is my firm policy. So please be sure you can make it!

8.) Can i bring someone with me?

If you want to bring someone along to ensure that I’m not a crazy murderer, please feel free. However, sessions will be done one on one with just you and me. HOWEVER, if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend that you would like to do a couple’s session with, just ask. The only additional cost would be for anyone else who required hair and makeup.

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