Inked Fox Films


verb : / to inject or mark with colors
I've always had a desire to treasure the moments that pass by so quickly. Whether that was with film, digitally, or more recently with ink. I've taken moments and made them permanent; never to be lost. The myriad of tattoos that I have look simple on the surface, but all of them have a deeper meaning reminding me to be who I am. My goal is to produce films that are a representation of who my clients are. Uniquely them from start to finish.


noun: / a cunning or sly person.
My goal is to catch those unfiltered moments. Pointing a camera at someone can quickly change their emotion, their facial expression, and a dozen other things. Instead, I try to go unnoticed; to be sly and hidden, stealing those moments in time so that they're true to what they're meant to be. While you two are dancing and sharing your first kiss, I want to catch Aunt Judy crying, little Susie twirling in her dress, and Mom and Dad looking on proudly. I want to be the eyes that catch what isn't seen.

established in 2018

After seven years of being a wedding planner exclusively, I have decided to move into a more creative realm of videography... or as it's more fondly known - wedding cinematography. There are so many special moments that are full of emotion and meaning that go unseen simply because the couple is being pulled in so many directions and attempting to enjoy all of their special moments as newlyweds. My goal is to be there to capture everything; the little flower girl twirling in her dress, the sweet look your dad gives your mom as you two enjoy your first dance, or the giggles from the bridesmaids and groomsmen as a toast turns into a roast - and everything else in between. If you're going to have video, it should capture the things that matter most.